Conditions of Hire

1ALBERTS WILL endeavour to provide you with a well-maintained facility and service.

2.  ALBERTS EXPECTS you to leave the premises as you found them. Please report any damage or breakage before leaving the footwarepremises. You may be liable to pay for any damage or breakages caused during your booking.

3.  ANY COMPLAINTS should be made as soon as possible in writing to our postal or email address. For full information please visit

4.  ALBERTS IS COVERED by Public Liability Insurance but any group providing activities at the centre must have its own valid insurance. It is your responsibility to pass on our terms and conditions of hire to your guest team/s, users and visitors.

5. All BOOKINGS should have their own designated First Aider. We can assist by letting you use our phone and/or somewhere safe and warm if the injured is mobile or able to be moved.

6. ALL GROUPS working with vulnerable persons or young children/adults must have a relevant DBS certificate. You may be refused access to our facility without proof.

7.  ALBERTS DOES NOT accept liability for damage or loss (including theft) of any personal items or money whilst on the premises. The hirer must provide own insurance cover for items/goods left in the changing room or at the side of the pitch. PLEASE ensure you have everything with you before leaving our facility.

8.  OUR STAFF will be on site a min of 15mins before your booking giving time for you to book in and pay, you will be expected to vacate the pitch at your stated finish time to allow quick change over for team/s immediately after you. The facility closes at 10pm. The flood lights will be switched off at 2mins past the hour leaving one set on to allow you to vacate the pitch safely.

9.  NO ALCOHOL or drugs to be brought or consumed anywhere within the grounds.

10. NO SMOKING or vaping on or around the pitch area

11. NO DOGS or pets are allowed on the premises other than guide dogs

12. NO BIKES, skateboards etc allowed on the pitch. Your bike is your responsibility please bring a lock.

13. NO ELECTRIC bikes or scooters are allowed within the perimeter of our facility.

14. NO CHEWING GUM on the pitch it is very un-hygienic and difficult to remove when it has embedded itself into the turf, these costs could be passed onto you

15. NO FOOD/Drinks or shelled nuts to be consumed on the pitch. If you must have a snack, then please do so on the hard surface then dispose of all wrappers and waste.

16. BINS are provided please use them

17. CORRECT FOOTWEAR must be worn absolutely NO metal /screw in studs or bladed boots are allowed on the pitch, they tear and shred the fibres. Posters are viewable on site as to what footwear is allowed. Trainers are also not advisable as they can cause you to slip, especially if the pitch is wet. If you have no choice, then please be aware you do so at your own risk. Albert’s will not be held liable for injuries caused by slips or falls due to incorrect footwear being worn.

18. REMOVE all loose jewellery, i.e., earrings/bracelets/watches/neck chains

19. TO AVOID DISSAPPOINTMENT and to reserve your pitch, an upfront, non-refundable booking fee of 50% is applicable, this is set against the cost of the booking you have requested

20. CANCELLATION FEES if you have a block booking arrangement, you will be liable to pay 100% of your pitch fee if you don’t turn up and have failed to inform us of your cancellation. If you do inform us that you need to cancel, you are liable to pay 25% fee. If you cancel with less than 24hrs notice, you'll be liable to pay a 50% fee. If you cancel more than once in any given month, you are liable to pay 50% of your normal booking fee and for any other consecutive bookings thereafter You must also confirm you still wish to keep your booking with us, failure to do so could result in us booking out your slot. All added fees are payable at your next expected booking or your next expected invoice.

21. ALBERTS MAY have to cancel bookings at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. If the hirer/s have paid in advance, you’ll be reimbursed 100% of the cost involved, or credited for your next booking, subject to availability.

22. EXTREME WEATHER conditions may result in us having to close the facility. A maximum fee of 25% of your booking cost will be charged, this is to enable us to cover some of our overheads. Albert’s will not be sustainable without these measures. If we have failed to inform you, or made no effort to contact you, the fee will not then be applicable.

23. EXTENSION TIME of any booking, will only be allowed if approval is first obtained from a representative of Albert's, subject to there being no impact on subsequent users, and an appropriate additional fee being paid in line with our payment structure

24. ALL BOOKINGS other than invoiced users, are PAY BEFORE YOU PLAY. E.g., You can’t go swimming and pay after! Please ensure you have the correct amount. Any credit can be carried over to your next booking. Any underpayment must be settled at your next booking.

25. CASH PAYMENTS are only accepted under special circumstances. There are several other ways to pay. You’ll be issued with a receipt, please keep it/them in a safe place as you may need to refer to it/them at a later date. We are not obliged to check past bookings and payments for you.

26. WE RESERVE the right to refuse a booking. Reason/s for the refusal will be given.

27. WE ARE PROUD to be operating an inclusive organisation on all levels.

28. WE OPERATE a zero-tolerance attitude. Anyone found to be flouting the rules or causing distress to other users or to our staff could be asked to leave, it may result in a temporary ban or losing your booking altogether.

29. FINALLY your custom is very important to us, we want you to enjoy your experience at our facility and keep coming back.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From all the staff at Alberts of Salford CIO