Prices explained


New or one-off bookings

50% up front booking reservation fee. Non-re-fundable

Block booking arrangement.  Cancellation fees are based on the overall cost of your booking.


25% cancellation fee if you inform us that you can’t make your booking.

50% cancellation fee for 2 or more bookings cancelled in any given month.

50% cancellation fee if you give us less than 24 hours’ notice.

100% cancellation fee for a no show and you have failed to inform us.

NO contact with us for 2 weeks may result in you forfeiting the arrangement you have with us.


Extreme weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances

 25% fee is applicable to all bookings to cover loss of income and to cover some overheads.

Reimbursements due to unforeseen circumstances

If you have paid upfront in full and we must cancel your booking, you’ll be offered a 100% refund or credit if you wish to re-book, subject to availability.

No fees are applicable if we’ve cancelled your booking and have failed to inform or made no effort to contact you.